about sara

hello, i’m sara;photo by Jackie Kwon

it’s nice to “meet” you [handshake].

for a shorter bio and general hub of my online activity: about.me.

i was born & raised in new york. spent the last couple years of my teens and my twenties in washington, dc + northern virginia, ‘cept for the 11 months i served as a missionary in 11 countries.

mostly, i’m little (at a whopping 5’1″ or 5’2″) and do my best to let my life proclaim Jesus’ love as loudly as possible. i’m discovering that for me, this looks like grappling with the tension of justice and mercy, grace and truth, power and peace.

feel free to poke around this website and the footprints i leave on the interwebs. thanks for visiting!
& say hello@sarachoe.com, if you’d like.