about sara

hello, i’m sara;photo by Jackie Kwon

it’s nice to “meet” you [handshake].

for a shorter bio and general hub of my online activity: about.me.

i’ve written professionally for a missions organization and an online crowdfunding platform. after nine years as a jill-of-trades, i’m preparing to specialize in law. if you want my resume, go here.

i’ve blogged since before it was called blogging. there’s no coherent theme, really, ‘cept that i may be little but i can get loud about things i love — i try to do so here, but i disperse my voice through various social media in the following manner:

  • on facebook and twitter, i tend to share stories relating to faith, justice, politics, pop-culture, and race — lots of times, they’re a melange of all those issues.
  • my pinterest boards lately have been populatedoverrun by recipes, inspirational quotes, writing tips, and yes, ideas of the wedding to a guy i haven’t met yet. that appear promising and yummy; sometimes, i actually use them.
  • i tumblr covertly about things related to to mentally spitball about the uncertainties of my life, the most uncertain of them: dating and marriage.
  • when i feel like i’ve shared enough on fb and twitter, i use storify to collect content.
  • goodreads keeps track of… books i read.

so, to sum up: born & raised in nyc. grew up in dc & northern va. got wrecked in 11 countries in 11 months. reluctantly moved back to nyc; relish it now. fond of alliteration, alphabetical order, and portmanteau. i try to carry a notebook (typically those skinny colorful moleskine journals) and my pencil bag with me wherever i go. i’m a wannabe sports aficionado and political wonk. my sweet tooth is massive.

i’m little, loud, and love the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

thanks for visiting!

4 thoughts on “about sara

  1. I am new to the world of blogging and happen upon your blog. Read the first few entries and am hooked. LOVE. I love your outside-the-box writing, down to your disregard for capitals. Then imagine my delight to go to your “about” page and see you are Asian! Score!

    You see, I am part Asian myself, although I look genetically Scandinavian because of course, I am. But my hubby is Asian and thus my children are part Asian and in my head I am part Asian too. So my heart does a little leap every time I meet or run into someone who is Asian and I feel an instant kinship. Took me a while to realize that Asians don’t know that I am part Asian when they look at me so they don’t feel what I do, but never the less, I do and thus my heart did an extra leap when your picture appeared after I clicked on about.

    Anyway, all that to say I am glad to meet you via your blog and look forward to reading more!

    • hi amy! i was rereading alece‘s bio page; i remembered that she’s from ny and wanted to confirm that before i wrote that in a post that’ll go live in less than an hour? i just scrolled through her comments and read your response to her bio; i was like, “oh, she’s korean.” so i clicked on yer blog. very much enjoyed the candor with which you reflect on motherhood (hadn’t read through earlier posts of yours yet). :)

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